About Me

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Katie Krcmarik has worked as both a graphic designer and educator for the past sixteen years. She has worked in a variety of design positions in a studio, in-house for a variety of companies, and as a freelance Graphic Designer. She has taught Graphic Design at Mott Community College for past ten years as an adjunct faculty member in the Fine Arts and Social Sciences Department. Most recently, she has moved into the field of Instructional Design.

Katie earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wayne State University in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. She completed graduate work towards a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at Michigan State University and finished a Master of Arts in Educational Technology from Michigan State University in December 2014. She continues to pursue professional and artistic development by taking workshops to improve her skills.

Katie has worked as a graphic designer for the past fifteen years for a variety of companies and continues to actively work as a graphic designer in print, web, and video. Most recently, she worked for the Michigan Education Association as a Graphic Design and Multi-Media Specialist. In this position, Katie worked with print, web, and video design as well as served as the point person for Twitter and other social media avenues. She continues to work as a freelance designer as her schedule allows focusing mainly on print and web design.

Katie's research interests have ventured into the arena of Instructional Design. Besides completing a Masters Degree in instructional Technology, she has begun to explore more deeply the role design can play in producing more effective instructional materials. She won the 2014 LAND Competition in Adjunct Category for her presentation on Rethinking the Syllabus: Setting the Stage for Success. She has also presented at the Teaching Professor Technology Conference on using storyboarding to create more effective instructional videos. Moreover, Katie explores the integration of technology into the classroom and regularly explores new avenues for incorporating it into her classroom to improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

In her spare time, Katie likes to read an is an avid baker. Her students can attest to her love of baking and sharing the bake goods. She also regularly pursues creative outlets through screen printing and letterpress printing. She currently lives in Fenton, MI with her dog, Moxie.