Design Philosophy

Design should be focused on communicating a message effectively. It should not be about the latest technique or what’s trendy at the moment. A designer should first and foremost be focused on the message she is trying to communicate. The message should dictate the design solution—not the technology or the latest trend.

As a designer, I start by getting to the heart of what my client is trying to communicate to their intended audience. I immerse myself in learning about their products and services, their intended audience, and their competition if appropriate. By learning everything possible about the client and audience, I can provide the client with a unique solution that effectively solves the problem. Research is essential to a well thought out and interesting design solution that actually solves the communication problem.

After research, critical thinking is the next most important of design. I need to look at the problem from all angles, to think beyond the obvious solution to one that digs in deeper. Design is not just making things pretty. It’s about thinking about the delivery method, the colors, the images, the type, and how the solution will work for the client. All aspects of design need to work together to produce a solution that functions for the client’s communication needs.

As a designer, I do not focus on flash and trend. I approach each design project as an individual effort where the client is my primary concern. I tailor my aesthetic to what is appropriate for the client and the project. However, I tend to prefer clean design that does not distract from the message trying to be communicated. I want the client and the message to take center stage, not my design.

While I do not believe technology should drive a solution, I do believe it is my responsibility as a designer to keep up-to-date on the latest technology and developments in the field. I actively seek out the latest software, web, and printing solutions. I actively engage in professional development to learn more about the possibilities of design. My goal is to be a well-informed designer in order to provide my clients with the best solutions for their projects. By staying current with technology and production methods, a client can be confident that I will provide them with a cost effective, efficient solution to their problem that best meets their needs.