Sculpture and Other
3D Work

I dabbled in wood sculpture and metal sculpture as part of a sculpture class. These are a few of my attempts at sculpture.

Wood Sculpture
I saw plywood sculptures and became fascinated with how such a throw away material could be so beautiful. Plywood is viewed as a material to be hidden not used to construct a beautiful form. This form did not originally start with the goal of looking so much like an infinity symbol. My goal was to explore a dynamic, organic form. I believe it accomplished this even though the form is a bit cliche.

Metal Sculpture
TIG welding proved to be the best methodology for me creating the forms I wanted to explore. I saw an image of a sculpture made to squares that inspired my thinking about metal sculpture. My metal sculptures involved cutting square metal tubes into pieces and then welding them into forms that play off a lightness as well as often test gravity. The forms have an organic feel while using a non organic material. Metal typically feels solid so my effort to produce a light form contradicts it's typical representation. These sculptures also helped me identify my need to create heavily process driven work. The process of cutting and welding the metal serves as a meditative process for me.

After studying the women of the Bauhaus, particularly the weaving workshop, I took an interest in learning more about the actual process of weaving. Anni Albers writing in particular interested me as she talked about fabric in a way that revealed the complexity of it's creation. I wanted to discover the process and begin to understand how to construct a cloth. I took one class on the rigid haddle loom which gave me an introduction to the fundamentals of the process. I then started to teach myself how to use a floor loom using a book and YouTube videos. It took me awhile to fully understand the connection between how I warped through the heddles, how I hooked up the treddles, and the way I pressed the peddles. This relationship is called the draft. I have begun to be able to create my own draft instead of just rely on existing materials. My goal right now is to explore the medium to get a better understanding of it. I am curious about the process of construction through the medium as well as how process intensive weaving is as an artform.

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