Experimental Type

The purpose of this assignment is to explore typography in the environment and in three dimensional applications. Typography doesn’t just have to be for purposes of communication. It can also be a creative endeavor. There are also more pratical applications for typography in the environment such as for signage and environmental graphics. Typography is not just limited to words on the page.

For the assignment, you will create a three dimensional or environmental typographic project. The project must take some physical form. You cannot just take pictures of existing typography in the environment or take pictures of things that look like letters. The project needs to be created by you. You may use anything in the lab. You can use the 3D room and woodshop. You could also contact the FabLab. If you want to use an area of the building or the campus for your project, please let me know and I can help secure permission. The goal of the project is to explore the possibilities of three dimensional and environmental typography. Your project may be a word, a letter (must be detailed), an alphabet, or a phrase. Some possible ideas for the project might be:

  • Anamorphic Typography
  • Graffiti, Chalk, etc.
  • 3D Letterforms made out of wood, paper mache, etc.
  • Knitted letterform
  • Letterforms created in the environment using string and other materials

There are no specifics on how to complete the project other than it needs to interact with the environment in some manner. It may be a temporary installation or a more permanent one. However, you must get permission before doing anything that might constitute the destruction of property. You cannot use me and the project as an excuse with the police or the campus. If the item cannot be viewed in class for critique, please document your project using photos and/or video.