Nebraska Film Festival

For this project, you will create a wordmark for the Nebraska Film Festival. The film festival will be held in Lincoln and feature films from students and other professionals in Nebraska as well as the surrounding states. The festival will focus more on indie films. The organization putting on the event wants you to create a wordmark for the event. You should recall from the reading that a wordmark is a type only version of a logo. You should use all of the words—Nebraska Film Festival—without abbreviating them in the logo. The wordmark needs to be able to be used in black and white (grayscale) and full-color versions. You should make sketches of your logo to show your instructor before proceeding to the final digital version. It is also recommended that you work out your wordmark design in black and white before adding color. It should also be noted that this wordmark will be used to complete the project portion of this module so you may want to review that before beginning your design.

Using the wordmark you created, you will develop a visual identity for the Nebraska Film Festival. You will utilize the wordmark you developed in the exercise as the jumping off point to create a complete visual brand for the festival. As mentioned in the exercise, the film festival will take place in Lincoln and will focus on indie films. The target audience for the festival will be students and other people in the 18-25 age group. The secondary audience would be anyone interested in film. You should consider these aspects when creating your identity.

All materials will be produced in full color. Your solution should focus more heavily on the type aspect of the design. Images can be used, but the focus should be on the typography. You will want to start by determining the full-color palette (may want to use more colors than in your wordmark) and fonts. Keep in mind that all colors should be specified for CMYK, Pantone, and RGB so you can maintain consistency across all applications. You can then determine other visual elements you may need to support your design. You will then use the elements to develop a visual identity for a variety of promotional materials for the festival.

You will need to sketch layouts for the various materials and should establish a grid system to use across all the materials. You will also want to consider how your logotype works with the other elements in the system. Laying the foundation of preparation is important when designing a visual system that needs to work across a variety of materials and platforms. You will need to create at least three materials (not including the wordmark) for at least two different types of media (print, web, video) from the below list to meet the requirements of the assignment. You will also need to use the information below as appropriate on the materials (i.e., what type of information typically goes on that particular type of material). All materials should have the wordmark on them somewhere.