Scheduling App

Adobe runs Faculty Creative Jams in part to promote a piece of software, but it's also serves as a chance to practice your skills against other faculty across the country. The prompt was creating a health care scheduling app that was flexible enough to work as a template to be branded for each institution or organization wanting to use the product. I worked with another colleague to arrive at the final solution. He setup the interaction for the demo and I designed the screens. We were told to spend no more than 4 hours working on the design and development making it an interesting challenge to ideate and produce so quickly.

With the app, we focused on what a busy person might want from such an app. We wanted to make upcoming appointments easy to access. We also wanted to make sure it was simple to identify what appointments were for each family member at a glance. We accomplished this by assigning each family member a color. We also wanted to make it easy to setup an appointment by allowing the user to put in some basic parameters including the days of the week and time of day the person is available to find open appointments speeding up the often tedious process of going back and forth with the office scheduler to find an appointment that works with your schedule. We added the additional functionality to add your insurance so you could see doctors available in your network.

There are things I would dive deeper into if I had more time but it provides a good proof of concept in such a short time. I might considered revisiting it in the future and build out more of the screens to demonstrate all the functionality. It also was a good way to explore the program more thoroughly and exercise design skills I don't get to use very often. The project won second place in our jam.

  • Client:Adove Faculty Creative Jam
  • Categories:App Design
  • Software:Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator