Malone Center

Overview: Following the organization’s rebranding, the goal for this semester was to create deliverables that were consistent and cohesive and advanced the message and mission of Malone. In order to best do this, we conducted a focus group with Malone directors to better understand what needed to be highlighted throughout our creative process and deliverable creation. These materials included a new letterhead and business card design, professional quality photographs to be used on Malone’s website and social media channels, and four brochures outlining the variety of programs offered through Malone.

Research: Primary & Secondary Research-For the research component, we first conducted a focus group with the directors from Malone. We had two main goals with the focus group which were learning more about what each program does and to transform this information into copy for the brochures. The directors gave us key insights to their programs for us to highlight in the brochures. The focus group also gave inspiration to our photographers when they went for shoots at Malone. After creating the Maternal Wellness Brochure, our graphic designer and copywriter asked for some statistics for the Teen and Youth brochures that our brand strategist then found and included.

Planning: Careful planning went into all aspects of the photoshoots. Our photographers created shot lists and reviewed them with the client prior to visiting the Malone for the photoshoots. Our client was very specific about what kinds of shots she wanted to make sure we had that would best encapsulate the mission of the Malone and its programs. Much of the brochure creation and designing was dependent on the photos taken at the photoshoots. Our designer based her designs off of which photos would be included and what information needed to be included based off of our research findings.

Implementation: The team created letterhead and business card design. They conducteed three photoshoots. The first photoshoot was to capture youth programs, the second photoshoot was to capture teen programs, and the third photoshoot was to take headshots of Malone directors. They created four brochures. The four brochures created were for the Malone Maternal Wellness Program, Youth Programming, Teen Programming, and a General Malone brochure.

Evaluation: The main goal of the brochures is to increase the donors for the programs at Malone. Some of the KPIs for Malone to look for would be an increase in the number of donors, as well as an increase in the number of program participants. When speaking with the directors, they all wanted to increase the awareness of Malone and what they do. A metric they should follow would be a percentage increase in awareness in the community. They are also active on social media and some metrics they could look for would be their demographics of their followers. The demographics will allow for the directorsto better understand who is following them and how they can cater their posts to their followers. In our final meeting with our client contact Jillian, she spoke on the professionalism of the team and the ability to produce professional deliverables.

This write up is from the Account Executive assigned to the client and reflects the student work on strategy.