Mobile Me & You Conference

Challenge/Problem: Mobile Me & You aims to be the go-to conference in the midwest region showcasing mobile and emerging media, a discipline which is constantly growing and expanding. As such, the conference is continually aiming to grow and develop, with the goal of attracting an audience of 400-500 attendees in 2020.

Objectives: Increase the number of attendees at the Mobile Me & You conference, accomplished through the strategic creation and dissemination of content across social media channels, a highlight reel, press releases as well as other physical and digital deliverables.

Target Audience: Journalists, communications and admissions departments, chambers of commerce, professional marketing/broadcasting organizations, UNL students, local/regional universities and high schools.

Support: Brand objectives will be achieved through strategic planning and formulation, social media, photography, videography and graphic design. Some of the material for this campaign will be compiled and repurposed from the 2019 conference, while other content will be created from scratch.

This write up is from the Account Executive assigned to the client and reflects the student work on strategy.