Museum Exhibit Design

Exhibits communicate to different kinds of audiences through 3D structures. They are used by museums, zoos, businesses, institutions, and in many others to educate, inform, and motivate. This course provides hands-on experience in designing, developing, and assessing exhibits that will be used in real-world settings at the University of Nebraska. Each year, the class will select one exhibit among various proposals, meet with a client, prepare planning and design documents, construct exhibit elements, conduct formative assessments, install the exhibit at a local site, and create a portfolio of the entire process.

Spring 2018

The first exhibit on Myron Braake installed at the Ken Morrison Life Sciences Research Center, the Nebraska Center for Virology’s home. Braake developed a testing methodology still used in some capacity for separating samples effectively. THe exhibit is permanently installed at the center. (Images 1-5)

Spring 2019

The second semester the students worked on exhibit about Carnival in Barbuda. They explored the origins and how the celebration original served as a way for slaves to rebel in acceptable manner. The exhibiti was on display at Innovation Studio on campus and then a portion went to Venice for the Biennale. The exhibit did feature Augmented Reality comments for the viewer to learn more about the symbolism and importance of aspects of the exhibit. (Images 6-8)