Metal Sculpture

After taking a sculpture class, I took an interest in exploring sculpture particularly metal sculpture. TIG welding proved to be the best methodology for me creating the forms I wanted to explore. I saw an image of a sculpture made to squares that inspired my thinking about metal sculpture. My metal sculptures involved cutting square metal tubes into pieces and then welding them into forms that play off a lightness as well as often test gravity. The forms have an organic feel while using a non organic material. Metal typically feels solid so my effort to produce a light form contradicts it's typical representation. These sculptures also helped me identify my need to create heavily process driven work. The process of cutting and welding the metal serves as a meditative process for me.

Bend Not Break
This sculpture was a manifestation of an internal query as to why some people break under the weight of great stress while others simply survive or bend with the weight. My original plan involved welding letters in the squares and I may still do that. I ended up choosing not to do that. I think the letters could add some interest. I was especially interested in the cast shadows the sculpture made when I had it outside to be sandblasted. I think putting letters in the squares could add to that quality too. The overall final form met the gravity defying goal I started with. It definitely accomplishes the bend without breaking concept I wanted for the form. It looks as though it is defying gravity with the way it bends and twists. It also seems like it can’t possibly be sturdy enough to support itself but I can attest to it’s stability after moving it everywhere and sandblasting it. However, it did eventually break from the base. The main sculpture held itself in tact otherwise. The break from the "stand" signaled a break from the past and a freeing of the form. This break helped me see I didn't need to have a base for my schulptures.

Coming Together
This sculpture was the first one I created without a base. The sculpture form explored the idea of how two people start to come together but not quite connecting. The two sides of the form grow towards each other but then veer off from each other before completely connecting. The form again somewhat defies gravity seeming as though it could not support itself. This one remains fully in tact despite moving several times.