Visual Communications Project

In teams of five students produce a multimedia project that communicates information about an organization, group, social issue, etc. Student teams select one project from a group of projects to develop a multimedia project using their skills developed from the previous modules. These courses are a multidisciplinary approach that encourages learners to leverage the technology they use in their daily life to solve real-world problems.

The students are allowed to use Wix to create the websites so they don’t get caught up on the technology hurdles. However, the students need to focus on design and we do discuss best practices for making websites with them.

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  • Big Red Bites
    This team chose to survey campus students to determine the best restaurants in predetermined categories. They then set up interviews with the establishments chosen as the favorites in each category.They also photographed each establishment. All work was self-directed by the students with minimal intervention.

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  • The Long 1968/Sheldon Art Museum
    This student team decided they wanted to a project on the Sheldon Art Museum. After visiting the museum and talking with the curators, they decided to focus on The Long 1968 exhibit which focused on art created in that year. The students conducted interviews with the curators about how and why the exhibit came together. All photograhpy except for the historical images was done by the students. They research the pieces in the exhibit in detail.

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  • Bike LNK
    This student team focused on Bike LNK, a recent bike share addition to Lincoln. The students focused their queries more on why students might want to use it. The piece focuses on what the service is, where an interested party can rent a bike, what the cost is, why users actually use it, and interviews with those running the service. The students produced all video and photographs used in the project.

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