3D Modeling and Animation

In a previous teaching appointment, I taught several 3D Modeling and Animation courses. The courses utilized 3DS Max to create the models and animations. The students did labs each week to lern the skills leading up to a final project demonstrating their knowledge. The projects shown represent final projects worked on over the course of a semester.

  • 3d Modeling
    Students explore principles of 3-dimensioning and apply them in the creation of 3D computer representations using appropriate modeling software. Emphasis will be placed on creation of accurate models rendered with color, shading, texture mapping and lighting to simulate effects of materials, finishes and surface graphics.
  • Animation I
    This course is a continuation of the 3D Modeling course. Principles of form topology, visual design and movement are applied in the creation of simple animated sequence.
  • Animation II
    This course is a continuation of Animation I. Students will be introduced to methods of integrating lighting, texture mapping, rendering and the finer details of motion graphics to create 3D computer animated solutions. Techniques of concept development, story boarding, project planning and script writing will be applied during the creative process of generating a computeranimated sequence.